Rabindra Shrestha and Supekchya Silwal – not a role model

Rabindra Shrestha, 50-year-old father of a college-age daughter and a minister in-office, eloped with a 22-year-old student in February. Dipak Bhattarai named him the Valentine Hero and I wrote about it in a post at that time. 

After a long silence, the couple have re-surfaced as husband and wife. In the photo above, Supekchya has sported, red Sindoor, a sign of a married woman.

Before we argue if they have done something good for the society
, let’s evaluate some of the Facebook posts of Supekchya:

Although they had run away in February, Supekshya waited for more than two months to announce her marriage. On April 22, she changed her profile to married.

In June Supekhsya wrote how difficult it is to "separate with close ones…"

Nobody denies that it is their lives and as adults, they are free to do whatever they like. Marrying or separating is their personal choice. But, that should have been done legally as the law doesn’t permit polygamy.

Rabindra Shrestha is not an ordinary man and he knows the law more than others. It is not known if he has married Supekchya legally or if he as divorced the previous wife.

One thing is certain, Rabindra is not and can never be a role model for anybody!

All the best to the couple Rabindra and Supekchya!

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