Rajesh Hamal back to Nepal, starting 'Rakshya' soon

After a long vacation in the US to celebrate Dashain and Tihar, Nepali Superstar returned back to Nepal on November 21, 2012. Rajesh Hamal had left Nepal on October and he had celebrated the festival of brothers and sisters, Tihar festival, with his sisters living in the US, after a long time.

rajesh hamal_smile

While in the US Rajesh Hamal partic
ipated in various cultural programs and danced in stage with a actresses like Karishma Manandhar and Saranga Shrestha. He also met various Nepali people living in the US, participated in different programs and also told jokes on himself, Rajesh Dai jokes.

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Rajesh Hamal tells RajeshDai jokes

We had shared some Rajesh Dai jokes in our Nepali blog last year. The jokes have become so popular that himself likes them and enjoys telling them to people. Rajesh Hamal is currently in the USA for Dashain and Tihar and he is sharing the jokes to the people over there.

We previously posted a photo of Rajesh Hamal telling joke. Now, it is time for a video recording of three of his favorite Rajesh Dai jokes.

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