Nepali Movie – Premika

premika nepali movieNepali Movie – Premika
StarringSuman Singh, Jharana Thapa, Sushil Pokahrel, RL Maharjan, Sarika Lamichane etc.
DirectorRamji Lamichane

The movie ‘Premika’ is a presentation of Shuva Shanti Films. The movie ‘Premika’ was released on the Valentine Day of 2014. The movie went through the controversy when its poster was found to be an exact copy of a South Indian film. After the protest, the film makers re-designed the poster.

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Jharana and Suman Singh romance in Premika, releasing on February 28

A movie featuring the romance of Jharana Thapa and Suman Singh, ‘Premika’ is going to release on February 28, 2014. The love story movie directed by Ramji Lamichane received an ‘U’ certificate from the Censor Board.

premika posters (2)

With Jharana and Suman, the movie also features Sushil Pokharel in leading role. The movie features the thrills of Roshan Shrestha, music of Dinesh Sunam and cinematography of Durga Paudel. Other backstage artists include – Banish Shah in editing, Sushil Pokharel in script writing, Alish Karki in background score. The movie is produced under the banner of Shuva Shanti Films.

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Nepali Movie – Pahilo Maya Ho Mero

pahilo maya ho meroNepali Movie – Pahilo Maya Ho Mero
StarringJharana Thapa, Suman Singh, Sushil Pokharel, RL Maharjan etc.
Director – Ramji Lamichane

The movie ‘Pahilo Maya Ho Mero’ is the presentation of RL Maharjan for Regisha Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The script of the movie is written by Sushil Pokharel.

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Premika poster redesigned

The director of ‘Premika’ Ramji Lamichane has released some new posters of the upcoming movie. The romantic movie stars Jharana Thapa and Suman Singh in lead roles.

premika poster 2

The love story movie by Ramji Lamichane is produced under the banner of Shuva Shanti Films. Apart from producing and directing, Ramji has also choreographed the songs in the movie.

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