'Save the Himalaya' and 'save the nose'

Nose, in our society represents ‘pride’ and the Nepali mountaineers residing in the US have asked the organizers to ‘save the nose’ while conducting ‘Save the Himalaya’ program in New York.

The Forest Minister, Deepak Bohara, had collected Rs. 1.5 million from 10 mountaineers in Nepal to ‘take them to the US’. The Embassy, decided otherwise and Mr. Bohara had to go to the US alone.

23 Nepali mountaineers have decided to boycott the program amidst the controversy of the top minister being too greedy in his last days at office. The fastest Everest climber of 1998 and World Record holder of the 2000 ed. of Guineess Book, Kaji Shrepa, is leading the 23 Mt. Everest summiteers to boycott the Save the Himalayas rally in New York.

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