Sahana Bajracharya and Suraj Giri arrested, again

In a report in an online media the mode and VJ Sahana Bajracharya and her friend VJ Suraj Giri have been arrested by the police. According to the Police Crime Division Sahana and Suraj were accused of foul mouthing and threatening Harshabardhan Sahani. They were arrested after Harshabardhan lodged a complaint of threat to his life.

Video news:
sahana and suraj giri

According to the police, they are arrested inquiry. After initial investigation, the Crime branch has asked the Mahanagar Police Office to investigate and take legal action.

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Shiva Regmi films and profile

Movies by Shiva Regmi:

Nepali Movie – Daijo (Bhuwan, Melina, Jharana)
Nepali Movie – Upahar
Nepali Movie – A Mero Hajur
Nepali Movie – Gorkhali
Nepali movie – Manish
Nepali Movie – Phool
Nepali Movie – Mannle Mannlai Chhunchha
Nepali Movie – Sukha Dukha
Nepali Movie – Parai
Nepali Movie – Sindoor Pote
Nepali Movie – Ram Balaram
Nepali Movie – Sathi Ma Timro
Nepali Movie – Hansi Deu Ek Fera
Nepali Movie – Yuddha
Nepali Movie – Afanta
Nepali Movie – Aafno Manche

Late director Shiva Regmi died on December 9, 2013 after both of his kidneys failed. His medical condition wasn’t favorable for kidney transplantation.

Shiva Regmi’s profile:

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Nepali Film Award Ceremony to be held in Belgium

International Artist Forum Europe (IAFEU) has announced the Nepali film award to be held in Belgium on September 26, 2015. In the award ceremony awards in 14 different categories will be awarded. The announcement was made in a press meet held in Kathmandu on January 27, 2015.

In the press meet, Pradeep Kumar Uday told that the Forum is planning to held yearly award ceremonies in various countries in Europe.

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Nepali Movie – Manko Tukra

Nepali Film – Manko Tukra
Starring, Uttam Pradhan, Puja Chand, Sajja Mainali, Harihar Sharma, Laxmi Giri etc
Director – Bijay Ratna Tuladhar

A presentation of Pusparaj Upreti for Himalaya Prativa Samgam Cine, Nepali film ‘Manko Tukra’ is a story of parent’s love to their children. Ganesh Lama, Umesh Mayalu, CP Poudel and Uddav Bhattarai are featured in the film in guest roles. The film is made on the story of Deepak Parikoti, script/dialogue of Sajal Gautam, choreography of Basantajung Rayamajhi, action of Yogendra Shrestha, editing of Anil Gautam, cinematography of Javed Shah / Dik Khadka, and music of Agistina Lepcha.

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