Americans block internet too; Julian Assange featured in TIME cover

time-cover-julian-assangeIf you were in the illusion that internet is only blocked in countries like China or Nepal, you are wrong. USA, the world’s largest democracy also block internet if they don’t like contents of some website.

In a latest news, the Library of Congress has blocked access to the Wikileaks site on its internal and wireless network for visitors. I is told that the Department of Education has also blocked Wikileaks. It is also reported that the State Department and the Commerce Department have told their employees not to look at the Wikileaks cables.

Time magazine has published a photo of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, with American flag taped on his mouth, in its cover, and explains how could Julian get hold of so many secret documents.

In the meantime, after the domain register pulled it org domain, in addition to the new Swiss domain name, WikiLeaks has set-up other versions of its websites — namely and

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