Hot dance of Rishi Dhamala wife Aliza Gautam with Cartoonz Crew, for Anurag

The wife of journalist Rishi Dhamala has completed the shooting of her upcoming movie ‘Anurag’. The shooting of two more songs for the movie are yet to be done. In one of the songs, Aliza has danced with Saroj Adhikari of Cartoonz Crew. The lead dancer and choreographer of the dance group is featured in a song titled ‘Kanchha Dai Gana Bajai Deu Na”. The song is a club dance song. The song is composed by Tara Prakash Limbu, voice of Mamata Gurung and choreography of Bikram Swar.

Lead actor of the movie is Samundra Pandit, a new actor and Aliza is also debuting in the movie as a producer and lead actress.

The film went through a controversy when the actor who was at the press meet decided to leave the movie. The film team had also approached Paul Shah for the role. The actor was reportedly offered a huge sum for the role. But, later Paul refused to do the movie and decided to do another movie for half of the price offered by Aliza.

Will the movie be successful?

Yes, it can be successful. But, if we look at the history of Nepali film industry, very few movies that has the producer featured in leading role have been successful. Most of the movies are made just to be seen in screen and not to do business. So, there is a possibility that Aliza is only trying to make a film to fulfil her dream. Even if the film is good, there is a possibility that people won’t take it seriously.

The example of what people might think is rightly reflected in the way the actors refused to work in the movie. Actors like Paul Shah were not willing to take risk in the movie. If the actors are not willing to take risk, the viewers won’t be willing to spend their hard-earned money to go to the theatre.

Will the film be successful ? What do you think?

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