Nepal Related Documentaries

Collection of Nepal Related Documentaries

Rays of Hope
A documentary about activities of RIMS Nepal and community mobilization activities
rays of hope

Kailash Parbat ra Mansarobar Taal ko yatra
Travel documentary on journey to Kailash parbat

An Introduction to Tanahun District

Life for a Child

Julian Assange (Releasing 2000 US diplomatic secrets from US Embassy in Nepal and 250,000 from all over the world)
Julian Assange is the 39 year-old founder of whistleblower website, WikiLeaks.

Greater Nepal by Manoj Pandit
Greater Nepal

Increased activities of Nepalese Monarchy


Fairytale of Kathmandu – Irish Film Board’s beautiful documentary

The Day My God Died – Young girls in Bombay – the child sex trade.

तेश्रो पुस्ता (The Third Generation) 2009

Nihita and Sobhraj’s marriage in the jail (Hindi news collections – Aaj Tak TV)


Children of God (Documentary)


Gyanendra Shah’s Interview: “Royalty is not finished yet!”

16-yr old Kusal KC and solar car – documentary

The news of the solar car demonstration was posted in on Oct 27.


Documentary- Women on the Frontline – Nepal (English)


इतिहास जित्नेहरुको लागी (History for Winners)

Based on Nepali Singers Kuber Rai and Dhiraj Rai.

history for winners

From Bullets to Ballots in two years (AlJazeera TV)

bullets to ballots

Life of Buddha (Collection of documentaries)
Various documentaries on the life of Gautam Buddha
life of buddha

Search for Lights


Royal Massacre of Nepal, a Channel 4 documentary


Maoist Attack in Krishna Bhir


Sold – An MTV Exit Special Presented by Malvika Subba (Nepali Version)


Far Western Nepal Heritage Documentary


Pilot Guides (Lonely Planet) – Nepal


The eye of the son
eye of son

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