Trailer war ? Lazza trailer released days after that of Himmatwali

The trailer of Chhabi Raj Films’ movie ‘Lazza’ was released few days after the release of trailer of Rekha Films’ movie ‘Himmatwali’. Although they are not directly competing with each other, Chhabi Raj Ojha and Rekha Thapa have been indirect rivals after their divorce.

We compared two trailers and found that they are quite different trailers. We want to leave the decision to you to conclude which one seems like a better movie.

lazza and himmatwali trailar war

Please comment after watching these two trailers:

Compare the two trailers yourself:

Trailer of ‘Lazza’:

Trailer of ‘Himmatwali’:

‘Lazza’ features Aryan Sigdel and Shilpa Pokharel in lead role. Nawal Nepal has directed the movie.

‘Himmatwali’ features Sudarshan Gautam and Rekha Thapa in lead roles. Rekha Thapa herself is the story writer, director and producer (Rekha’s mother’s name is mentioned as the producer) of the movie.

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