US Lesbian couple got married in Nepal with the help of Blue Diamond Society

An American lesbian couple, a lawyer and a college professor, married in Dakshinkali temple, south of Katmandu, on June 20, 2011.  Present in the ceremony were the local gay rights activists of Blue Diamond Society. A gay rights activist and Parliament member, Sunil Babu Pant, was also present in the ceremony.

american-lesbian-couple-2 The lesbian couple dressed in traditional Nepali dress share a banana as a symbol of mutual union. (One was wearing the male attire and another the female).

It is is probably the first public same-sex ma
rriage, in accordance with the Hindu tradition, done in in Nepal.

Who were the Bride and Groom

48 year-old lawyer, Sarah Welton and 41 year-old psychology professor, Courtney Mitchell hail from Colorado, USA. As a Peace Corps Volunteer Mitchell had lived in Nepal from 1998 to 2003. The couple are in relation for the last five years and they have also adopted a 9-month-old girl as their child.

The traditional Nepali society is transforming to accept same-sex marriage. The Supreme Court of Nepal had recognized the third gender in a court verdict in 2007 and had directed the government to form a committee to see if there is a possibility of same sex marriage in Nepal.

Explaining why Mitchell choose the Hindu tradition for the marriage,  she told that she had identified the instances of Hindu gods practicing same sex marriage. But, religiously they both are non-practicing Christians.

Back home, they have filed the marriage papers
in Colorado are planning ot get married in a state that allows same sex marriage.

Nepal, a Gay Paradise

Although it was the first such marriage in public, Blue Diamond Society had previously organized other marriages in private. Last year, a marriage ceremony between a British and an Indian gay couple was done in private. (Photo credits – Binod Joshi)

CA Member Sunil Babu Pant and his Pink Mountain travel agency are trying to make Nepal the ultimate destination for gay and lesbian tourists. Based on their effort, last year, New York Times had placed Nepal in 31st place as a Gay Paradise.

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  1. i m a lesbian to from mumbai and my gf is an indian…n v wish to marry as our parents wont let us stay together plz give some suggestions about how v can get married n settle far away from our families…waiting fot serious replies :)

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