Very inspiring farewell speech of Miss Nepal 2016, Asmi Shrestha (full text)

The outgoing Miss Nepal, Asmi Shrestha, gave a heart touching farewell speech during the finale of Miss Nepal 2017. I have transcribed the speech for those who would love to read it. Nikita Chandak was later crowned Miss Nepal 2017. The first runner up Rojina Shrestha was crowned Miss Nepal Earth, Niti Shah crowned Miss Nepal International and Sahara Basnet was crowned Miss Nepal Asia Pacific International crowns. Read the full report of Miss Nepal 2017.

The summary of Asmi Shrestha’s farewell speech (main points)

  • The most important thing she did as Miss Nepal was ‘Classroom and Beyond’ project. The project had helped her to be the top five in Miss World in the ‘Beauty with the Purpose’.
  • Meeting Nepali people in Nepal and abroad and feeling of the respect and love towards Miss Nepal title was heart touching to Asmi.
  • Before being Newar or Bahun or Chhetri or Rai or any other caste, the Miss Nepal crown holder is a Nepali. She asked everybody to treat as being Nepali rather than being of certain caste.
  • The crown had taught the crown holders to stay strong,  to believe in themselves, and keep their heads high. She also believed that it has also prepared them for the life that lies ahead of them.

Video summary of the speech:

Full text of farewell speech

Namaste. Tonight, I stand here to leave my last official remark as as your Miss Nepal world 2016 and to express my gratitude and appreciation towards everyone. Tonight, I stand here to crown our Miss Nepal World 2017 and I believe she, who has worked hard genuinely. She, who has the kindest yet the strongest heart. She, who understands the compassion and prides in being a Nepali. And, she, who dares to dream, shall win tonight. Because, that’s what it takes to be a Miss Nepal. What a roller coaster ride it has been for me. The dearest part of my journey has to be Classroom and Beyond, the project, for which I spent most of my time. With your help, we were able to reach till top 5 of Miss World, the prestigious title Beauty with the Purpose.

Nothing made me more prouder than hearing my country’s name while millions of people from all around the world were watching. And, nothing makes me more happy than the fact that you trusted me when I wanted to rebuild the schools. I was scared because, as an individual it was a big commitment for me. But, as I look back now, what’s more important is, I believed in myself before anybody else did.

The most inspiring moment for me through out the reign was meeting the fellow Nepalese inside the country and from all over the world. And, seeing the respect and love towards this prestigious title. I want to thank our creator The Hidden Treasure and every Miss Nepal because of whom many lives have been touched and changed. I was fortunate enough to witness the love you had spread. And, I would be always grateful to you.

And, I hope our reigning Miss Nepal will be experiencing the same love. Because, before she is Newar, before she is Bahun, before she is Chhetri, before she is Rai and Magar she is the daughter of our nation. She is a Nepali. And, a bigger milestone lies ahead of her and your support is what she needs to go that extra mile. I hope you will support her till the end. And I hope she will definitely make you proud. She will be happy to share the achievement if she achieve anything in the international platforms.

Our crown has taught us very important values in our lives. As I say this, I speak on the behalf of my sisters Rashmi, Barsha and Anshu. It has taught us to stay strong, it has taught us to believe in ourselves, and keep our heads held high no matter what the situation is. And most importantly, it has prepared us for the life that lies ahead of us.

It had been a wonderful year for me until May 27, 2017 when I lost a dear friend of mine, a very kind soul, who always rediated positivity. A brave heart who followed his dream until his last breath fearlessly. He was a very inspiring person who always taught us to be better human everyday. You will always be remembered Season, and your smile will always live in our hearts. With this note, I would like to thank you all again for taking me as your pride. I will forever be grateful to you. Thank you and namaste.

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