Website analysis – xnepali compared with sajha and mysansar (Part 1)

Owners of asked me to do a comparative analysis of and its competitive position in Nepali website market. It was not an easy task to do the analysis as there are numerous variables to do the analysis of. I asked for the usage statistics of the site and found out that it wasn’t properly kept and it was even more work to extract useful data from the raw data. Even if I get all those data for xnepali I won’t be able to compare with other sites. So, I decided to a bit simpler analysis, that anybody can do.

I decided to compare three sites:,, and Sajha is one of the popular forum, that was in existence for quite some time and mysansar can be considered one of the most popular single handed Nepali website.

1. Domain Age

Age is also a factor to determine the site’s relevancy in search and in people’s perception. was the youngest (3 and half years old) with the oldest site (more than 8 years old). Mysansar was nearly twice the age of


2. Alexa analysis

Alexa is a simple tool (and inaccurate too) when one wants to compare a number of sites. It gives the site’s popularity and gives a rough estimate of visitor trends. has to go a long way to reach mysansar status but it was surprising how xnepali has better Alexa rank than Mysansar has higher US and Nepali traffic but xnepali has more Nepali traffic than sajha. Sajha is a clear winner when US traffic rank is considered.

Alexa ranks

  • – 74,074
  •  – 26,817
  • – 108,277

Traffic Rank in Nepal (US rank in bracket)

  • – 48 (1,83,454)
  • – 19 (36,613)
  •  – 335 (30,886)

In most of the data, mysansar was the clear winner. But it was interesting to see the Pageview data. It was surprising how all three websites could differ so much when they have nearly similar daily pageviews.


traffic rank reach  pageviews per user bounce rate search traffic

In the next part I will present the website value analysis data.

4 thoughts on “Website analysis – xnepali compared with sajha and mysansar (Part 1)

  1. I was searching for where to advertise my US based business and your analysis shows sajha is the most popular site in US. Thanks for this blog.

  2. Thanks @Aakar
    It was the easiest analysis one can do in short time. But, the result was better than expected. It sure is good enough methodology for the primary analysis of a website.

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