Nepali 'Ban-List' is a promotion list – please add in it!

They did a good job of promoting some sites like Huffington Post, or sfsi (I had never heard of them before!) with the explicit websites ban list. Now, thanks to the wide-spread protest, the government has updated the list to remove non-relevant and add more sites like Playboy.

You might have expected the government had felt the shame and has done a good homework to update the new list. You are wrong! They are far from being serious in including the relevant sites in the updated list.

The new list contain one site with Google Adsense ads in it. Every publisher knows how strict Google is in implementing its Terms Of Service and they can’t contain nudity with Adsense ads.

I suspect, that site was made by one of the persons involved in preparing the list. That might be the reason, the website is getting a world-wide promotion via the ‘Nepal Government’s Ban List’. The funniest thing about the site is that, it contains only 5 pages with profiles of Monica Bellucci, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet, and Megan Fox respectively.

Now, I desperately wish they would add in the list!

Come on guys what is stopping you ?

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