7 Unmarried Miss Nepal, Sadichha to Aamee Shrestha (crowning videos)

This year, two Miss Nepal, Miss Nepal 2009 and Miss Nepal 1997, got married. Last year another Miss Nepal, Miss Nepal 1995, Sumi Khadka got married in 2015. Now, all the Miss Nepal from 1994 to 2009 have married and the remaining Miss Nepal are those after 2009. Here is the list of unmarried Miss Nepal:

  • Miss Nepal 2010 – Sadichha Shrestha
  • Miss Nepal 2011 – Malin Joshi
  • Miss Nepal 2012 – Shristi Shrestha
  • Miss Nepal 2013 – Ishani Shrestha
  • Miss Nepal 2014 – Subin Limbu
  • Miss Nepal 2015 – Evana Manandhar
  • Miss Nepal 2016 – Asmee Shrestha

A video report with the clips of their crowning moments:

What are unmarried Miss Nepal doing?

Miss Nepal 2010 Sadichha Shrestha is active in advertisement and modelling field. Unlike other Miss Nepal, Sadichha is not interested in acting and music video modelling.

Miss Nepal 2011 Malina Joshi has been active in modelling field and she has also acted in more than a couple of movies. Malina’s movie ‘Winner’ was released in November 2016 and ‘Jhumkee’ was released in September 2016. She is busy in the shooting of more than one movies.

Miss Nepal 2012, Shristi Shrestha also debuting as an actress in ‘Gajalu’. The movie featuring Anmol KC was successful. Shristi has signed in upcoming movie ‘Lalpurja’ and few other movies. The rumour of her affair with actor Saugat Malla is also trending issue in the Nepali movie industry. Shristi is also active in music video modelling and advertisement modelling.

After Shristi, none of the Miss Nepal are active in the entertainment field. I am waiting for Ishani, Subin, Evana and Asmee to be active in the future.

Photos of the unmarried Miss Nepal

Hot photo of Asmee Shrestha, the Miss Nepal 2016. Photo credit Anjil Maskey:


Miss Nepal 2015 Evana Manandhar:

Miss Nepal 2014, Subin Limbu:

Miss Nepal 2013, Ishani Shrestha

Swimsuit bikini photo of Miss Nepal 2012 Shristi Shrestha

Swimsuit photo of Miss Nepal 2011 Malina Joshi:

Sadichha Shrestha photo:

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