Why Rekha’s face is hidden in Rudra Priya first look poster?

The first look poster of upcoming Rekha Thapa movie, ‘Rudrapriya’ was released recently. In all the posters of the movie, half portion of actress Rekha Thapa is hidden by the hem of her Saree.

The poster of the movie made under Rekha Films banner is different from the posters of previous Rekha Films banner movies. The colour and the presentation style is quite different. There is a possibility that the different looks is becasue of the director, Sudip Bhupal Singh and his concept.

In one of the posters, Rekha Thapa is holding the hand of Aryan Sigdel. Half portion of Rekha’s face is hidden. In another poster Rekha and Aryan are facing different directions. Rekha’s has clinched fist and a determined look. Only half portion of Rekha’s face is visible in this poster too.

In the third poster, only Rekha Thapa is featured. She has hidden the half portion of her face by holding the hem of her saree. The poster however looks odd because if the lack of symmetry. There is an uneasy empty space on the right side of the poster (and, I don’t think the empty space is intentional). In Rekha’s previous movies, Rekha’s action avatar used to be the focus. But, in this movie she is seen quite and covered. The colour is also dim and melancholy.

The producers of the movie are Aryna Films and Rekha’s mother Saraswoti Thapa. The movie to release in theatre on October 19 is expected to be liked by the viewers because Rekha and Aryan are featured together after 8 years of bad relationship. the movie features music of Suresh Adhikari, Arjun Pokharel and Rajanraj Siwakoti. The cinematographer is Sanjay Lama.

The movie is releasing at the time when Rekha Thapa has lost the initial charm of being the number one actress. In the recent past, after divorcing Chhabi Raj Ojha, she seem to be lost direction. She has been active in various social work that needed long-term commitment. But, those social work proved to be promotion strategy only. She also joined CPN Maoist, left and has joined Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), the pro-royalist party. Being politically active has caused Rekha to lose a lot of party loyalists. RPP is not a popular party and it being unpopular was proved in the recent local election.

In this contest, the success or the failure of ‘Rudrapriya’ will be detrimental in Rekha’s future as an actress and producer.

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