Woda Number Chha, Movie Review

Nepali movie ‘Woda Number Chha’ was released in theatres in Kathmandu on September 18, 2015. Because of the uncertainity in the the places out of Kathmandu, the release in other cities in Nepal had been postponed.

‘Woda Number Chha’ profile

Nepali Movie – Woda Number Chha
DirectorUjjwal Ghimire
Banner – Aama Saraswoti
Release Date – September 18, 2015
Genre – Comedy
Recommendation – Good comedy, good acting, well written script, original story and recommended.

‘Woda Number Chha’ Artists

‘Woda Number Chha’ Plot

The movie is set in Ward No. 6 in an unspecified village of Nuwakot. It is the story of five guys of Jhulebasti. The lives of the five guys is fun filled until one of the guys like the daughter of their master, Sushila. Then, Maoist insurgency also enters in the story-line. The movie however is not centered in Maoist war and doesn’t decide on whether the war was wrong or right. It only shows how and who benefited from the war.

Magne Budho loves playing cards, Netra Prasad runs after girls, a drunker – Daya is planning to go for foreign employment, Deep Sharma is educated and has returned from the city and Birkha Bahadur Pariyar has failed in SLC twice and wants to pass the exam. When Kaji Saheb lets Deep Sharma to teach English to his daughter Sushila, they fell in love. The affair and Birkha joining Maoist army led to a lot of funny and interesting incidents in the film. The story that follow is interesting and entertaining.

Star Cast of ‘Woda Number Chha’

The movie is a collection of well known comedy actors, like ‘Chha Ekan Chha’, only better in terms of presentation. The top comedy actors Dhurmus, Magne Budho, Deepak Raj Giri, Mundre, Deepa Shree Niraula, and Sandeep Chhetri have given their best performance. They look as funny as usual. Dayahang Rai and Priyanka Karki also look natural in their roles. There is no comment in the acting of the actors.

The director Ujjwal Ghimire has produced a fine movie, much better than Dinesh DC‘s ‘Chha Ekan Chha’. All the characters fit in their roles. Deepak Raj Giri has written good script, to fit the actor and the roles.

Viewers’ Reviews

On September 21, Maoist leaders Baburam Bhattarai and Hisila Yami also watched the movie. While Baburam gave 8 out of 10, Hisila appreciated the movie and added one to the full marks and gave 11 out of 10 to the movie. Hisila told, “This is one of the unique experimental film in Nepali film industry. It should be sent to Oscars.”

Baburam wrote a review in his Twitter post:

Hit and Misses

The movie mostly hits to the point of being a good movie.

The story of the movie is average. There aren’t extreme twists in the story. As the script flows smoothly and it binds the viewers to the seat, the story really doesn’t matter much.


In conclusion the movie ‘Woda Number Chha’ is a good movie with a lot of comedy that flows well with the story. The viewers are bound by the incidents and the comedy in the movie.

Recommendation – Recommended, a full family fun movie.

Review by – Mia Devi

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