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18 Responses to Jeshika aka Jyoti Khadka ended her life

  1. san says:

    ball matlab marne mari ran6janmane janmi ran6 oen ra???????????????

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  3. erik says:

    ***** she should have thought about the outcome beforehand…

  4. suman says:

    nothing to say if one mistake make cost your life then good to hear that she is gone from this crazy planet so-called planet earth
    plz don’t reborn in this planet

  5. neupane g says:

    sex gar but ,ijjat bachaer

  6. Shyamkumar says:

    I love you my firand

  7. Daniel says:

    Pahila malai pani namrata sarai ramri,sojhi,susil actress lagtheo.ra sarai man partheo pani.
    now tesko sex scandle here pachi, t think she is one type of paying sex worker.
    i hate such a type of fucking girl.
    namrata jasto aaimai manche jaba samma hamro society ma rahancha taba samma hamro society sociolize hudaina.

  8. Bikash Thapa says:

    Evil work, evil result. Must take lesson 4rm dis incident.

  9. sk shyam says:

    miss you jeshika….g

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  12. anil says:

    Rest in peace jyoti.

  13. nawa says:

    so many times ‘the police has told that’
    not a good writing

  14. susmita pokhrel says:

    sad to hear abt this may her soul rest in peace

  15. Namrata Shrestha says:

    Logne manis ko sex scandal bhanda aaimaai ko story lai fun banaune ra emotions sanga khelne Nepali society lai dhikkaar chha.

    • Bikal says:

      Tapai le vannu vako ta sahe ho.
      Nepal yesto counrtry ho jaha ka mancha ma new thing ta 6.old systm le aajhai badhako 6.every one has wright to have sex but in our socity sex lae -ve le nai lien6a.
      Hami le system lae nai nai change garaya yesto ghatna fare ghatna bata rokin6a ki………………..

  16. raj says:

    End of beauty…..walking in wrong path -result is darkness

  17. RIP Jyoti Khadka !!!

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