Nepali Movie – Traash

traashNepali Movie – Traash
Starring – Ayub KC, Anu Shah, Niranjan Luitel, Riya Shrestha, Prakash Subba, Jharana Thapa etc.
DirectorPrakash Ojha

The movie by JS Media, ‘Traash’ is a movie by noted comedy singer Prakash Ojha. The movie is made on horror and thriller theme. Actress Jharana Thapa is featured in special appearance. The movie is edited by Himal Joshi, cinematography by Roshan Shrestha, action by Pradip Khadka, choreography by Prunam Rai, the story is written by Prakash Ojha himself and the screen play is written by Maunata Shrestha.

The movie was released on January 3, 2014.

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Nepali Comedy – Yestai Ho

yastai hoNepali Comedy – Yestai Ho
Starring – Narad Khatiwada, Umesh Mayalu, Deepak Chhetri, Kiran Thapa, Sumitra Bhandari, Sanchita Gurung etc.
DirectorPrakash Ojha

Jaya Shiva Films presentation by Shyam Shrestha. It’s not only directed by Prakash Ojha, he is also the writer of story, script, and dialogue. Prakash has composed the music, written the lyrics and voiced the songs in the movie.

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Prakash Ojha debut movie as a director, Traash releasing on January 3

After two weeks of no-release of Nepali movies, a thriller comedy movie ‘Trash’ is going to release in theater this Friday on January 3, 2014.

trash poster

Update, in a short audio clip the director Prakash Ojha explains what the movie is all about:


The movie directed by comedy singer Prakash Ojha features Nirajan Luitel, Ayub KC, Anu Shah, Riya Shrestha and others. The movie will release in theaters all over Nepal. The lead actor Nirajan is the younger brother of actor Jiwan Luitel. The movie will also have an special appearance of Jharana Thapa.
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First look of One Way released

The first look of upcoming movie ‘One Way’ was released on Wednesday. The movie directed by Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’ is produced by Raj Kumar.

one-way poster 2

One of the poster of the movie shows the popular rock singer Rabin Tamang. The movie also features Siddhartha Gurung in leading role (Gurung is known as the son of a real-life don, Deepak Managne). Other actors of the movie include Karishma Manandhar, Mala Subba, Wilson Bikram Rai, Aakash Khawas, Bhanu Pratap, Prakash Ojha, Shyam Rai, Rupa Rana etc.  Continue reading

A group of film artists join Nepali Congress party

On Saturday morning some 150 artists joined Nepali Congress party. In a program held at the residence of the party president Sushil Koirala in Mahargunj, the artists were welcomed in the party.

nepali congress party entry (3)

The artists include actress Jharana Thapa, Rupa Rana, Melina Manandhar, actors Jiwan Luitel, Dhiren Shakya, Aayush Rijal, Mukesh Dhakal, and Niraj Baral. Directors Ramesh Budhathoki, Suresh Darpan Pokharel and Suraj Subba joined the party in the program. Cinematographer Purosottam Pradhan, photographer Rajiv Shrestha, singer Prakash Ojha also joined the party in the program. Other film artists include Santu Tamang, Rameshowr Karki, Prabhu Samsher JBR, Shyam Rai were also among the 150 artist in the program.

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Jeshika aka Jyoti Khadka ended her life

Actress of Nepali movies Jeshika Khadka has ended her life by hanging in her own home in New Road. Previously known as Jyoti Khadka, she was engulfed in a controversy on a sex scandal involving popular comedy singer Prakash Ojha.

According to Jana Aastha weekly, the police have told that they are waiting for the postmortem report to determine if if was suicide or murder. The police has told that she had an conversation with film maker Baldip Rai at 2 AM. The police has told that they have arrested Rai for further investigation.

Jeshika had acted in movies like ‘Jungle Queen’, ‘Mero Maya Timlai’, ‘Jungle Love’, ‘Gahirahi’, and ‘Lucky Seven’ among others.

Jyoti_khadka_jeshi ka_khadka

Jeshika’s death is a sad moment of Nepali movie industry. It is also the time to look at the open secret – sex exploitation in the Nepali movie sector.

May Jeshika’s spirit rest in peace!

Nepali Movie – Dai ko Sasurali

daiko sasuraliNepali Movie – Dai ko Sasurali
Starring Nikhil Upreti, Sanchita Luitel, Arunima Lamsal, Priya Rijal, Asha Poudel, Bhim B. Thapa,  Prakash Ojha, Rabi Dangol, Uttam KC, Anju Maharjan, Gopal ‘Chande’, Suleman Sankha, Mahadev Tripathi, Ramsharan Jangam etc.
Director – Dinesh DC

The movie featuring comedy singer Prakash Ojha as a new presentation is a comedy movie written by C Basnet. The script of the movie is written by Bikash Acharya.
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Prakash Ojha coming back on TV

Do you still remember Prakash Ojha?

He used to be the funny sensation a few years back. His songs are still being heard and liked by many people. But, the person, Prakash Ojha, has nearly been forgotten for some time. In a latest news, it is told that he is coming back on TV with a comedy show. He is planning to start a weekly program in a recently launched TV, Tarai TV.

prakash ojha

jyoti khadkaThe sex scandal involving a model and actress, Jyoti Khadka, changed everything for him. He had to go to jail for a couple of years for the “crime”. Jyoti Khadka is struggling in the entertainment industry with a  new name ‘Jenisha’ or ‘Jeshika’. Her first big screen movie, Jungalee Manche (movie link), didn’t make a big impact despite much publicity. (A scene from the movie is posted at the end of the post.)

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