Rekha Thapa and Hifajat got clean chit

The film produced and acted by Rekha Thapa, Hifajat, got into trouble when Vishow Hindu Mahasangh asked the authorities to stop its screening.

Many bloggers ‘cried foul’ on the intension of the protest as the dress worn by the actress in the movie doesn’t seem to harm the religion in any way.

When the producers and artists of the movie wrote letter explaining that the design of the dress was not intended to degrade the Hindu belief and it was purely used for commercial and entertainment purpose. The heads of the organization reviewed the movies and have decided to let the movie screen.

In a letter written to the producers, Mahamayaprasad Singh of the Hindu organization, told the producers not to repeat such mistakes again and told them to use the medium to promote the religion.

Is the ‘Curse of SAARC Summit’ true ?

16th SAARC Convection is being held at Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan. Looking back to its history there have been the record of one of the participating leader to face a bad fate after the summit. In the history of 15 Summits being held so far, 7 of the participants faced bad luck at home. To me, it looks more like a coincidence as the political scenario are pretty much dynamic and they are always changing.

With Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal visiting the 16th Summit, and volatile political environment in Kathmandu, many are expecting the history to repeat on his case.


(Left to Right: Hussain Mohammed Ershad, Nawaz Sharif, Ranasinghe Premadasa, Khaleda Zia)

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Paras Shah says, ‘Monarchy will return if the people want so’

Former Crown Prince Paras Shah has said that the monarchy may return in the country if people wanted it. Paras was speaking to the media persons in Birgunj on Wednesday, April 28. He also added that, he is not interested to become a king.


“I don´t want to be a king personally,” Shah said, adding, “But if the people want, monarchy may return.”

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