Hong Kong Nepali Dance Idol 2010

The event, Hong Kong Nepali Dance Idol 2010, was was held in Hong Kong recently. Srijana Gurung (15) has become the second Nepali Dance Idol 2010 Hong Kong. The program was organized by FIONA HK. (April 20, 2010).

Shrijana Gurung was the first runner-up and Suku Limbu the second runner-up. The competition involved solo, double and group dances. Bhim Gurung and Shyammaya Lama were the coordinator of the event.

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Tele Award controversy again – be prepared for more boycotts

The first ever Tele Award to be held in Nepal was dragged in controversy when a popular tele-serial, ‘Meri Bassai’, unit decided to boycott it. Some of the nomination were not that good compared to other actors.

Now, the controversy deepened when the top 10 best actors actresses in Nepali television didn’t include ‘the Best’ actors and actress. Most of the nominations are unknown to the larger portion of the audience.

The decision was reached by the mobile SMS voting. The ones who are free and have friends who can send a lot of SMS message got on the top while the best ones were sidelined. Looks like, the procedure in itself is not a fair measure of selection of best actors.

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