Kantipur, you owe me (us) an explanation

[Update: I had written the original post in a hurry so, I have changed some wordings. I hope Kantipur editors will come up with some valid arguments.]

Some people thought that my previous article, Journalism Ethics, Dabur and Miss Nepal, was biased. I want to make myself clear, by telling that, I still believe in the spirit of the article, Indian Embassy – Real Juice – Real motive, and Indian Media, I wrote on August 28. A few points:

  1. Kantipur owes me an explanation. Why didn’t they cover the Miss Nepal event? I am still not convinced Kantipur did something ethical.
  2. Not publishing major news based on one’s personal problem (or, organizational dispute) implies that the Indian Embassy was right in telling our journalists are unethical (even if, it is still baseless).
  3. Am I baised ? Yes, a little bit. Previously, Kantipur writers simply ignored my enquiries through previous articles and emails (on Maya Bazin and Smita Thapa issues). The article was targeted to thick skinned, writers there.

My friend Aakar argued that he thinks Kantipur publication is doing what it should. Dipak Bhattarai and Aakar sent me the link to The Hindu article. It was a very detailed and in-depth analysis of the background of the current problem. I have summarized the articles below:

Excerpts from Nepali Times article.

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Journalism Ethics, Dabur and Miss Nepal

kantipur-clip Did you notice Kantipur, the biggest newshouse in Nepal, didn’t publish news about the biggest beauty contest in Nepal, Miss Nepal 2010 ? Nepal Television broadcasted the full event but Kantipur acted as if it hasn’t heard of the grand event. I didn’t see the news about it in Nayapatrika too (I don’t know if I missed it). Kantipur has published a news about a little known ‘Little Miss Nepal’ event, instead.

The reason: Dabur, the sponsor of Miss Nepal, has stopped publishing ads in Kantipur.

Fair enough! But, I have a few questions:

  • Shall I be kept in dark about Miss Nepal (or other news) because Dabur (or anybody else) didn’t advertise in Kantipur?
  • Should a reader care if Kantipur gets advertisement from Dabur or not?
  • If Kantipur writes only of those who provide them with advertisement, why do they charge the subscriber?
  • Are all the news in Kantipur sponsored ?
  • What is a guarantee that any of the news Kantipur publishes is independent ?

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Nepali Movie – Buwa Aama

Nepali Movie – Buwa Aama
Starring: Biraj Bhatt, Dilip Rayamajhi, Arunima Lamsal, Ganesh Upreti, Hiuwala Gautam, Sushil Pokharel, Rambha Oli etc.
Story – Murari Pokhrel
Dialogue/Script – Maunata Shrestha
DirectorMadan Ghimire

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