Journalism Ethics, Maya Bazin, Smita Thapa, and Kantipur

UPDATE: One of the admins of the site hosting Maya’s video has replied to our question about the background of Maya Bazin. Here is what they have to say:

She’s a |**rn girl. That’s why she’s lying. Most girls don’t want to give away their real background so she made something up. ….

I hope the editors in Saptahik have learned the lesson.

Last time, when the infamous sex tape of Namrata Shrestha was covered in various media, BBC Nepali initiated a discussion on the Journalist ethics and responsibility. At that time many media houses, including Kantipur publication, choose to ignore the issue and acted as if the scandal didn’t happen.

The time has changed. It seems, Kantipur is regretting the noble decision it made at that time.

When Kantipur published an interview of an intoxicated and sexually aggressive model/actress, Smita Thapa, we questioned its real purpose. A latest front-page article about a sex film actress, Maya Bazin, has made the interview of Smita Thapa insignificant to talk about.

As far as I know, it is illegal to make or sell sex films in Nepal. Such act is punishable by law. Does that make it illegal to create undue interest on such films in general public? I hope, the law pundits will answer the question in comment.

The whole point of Saptahik in publishing the article is that she reportedly told she is a Nepali girl. Our friends in have posted a video in which she is telling she is an Indian. Their analysis is palatable.

Girls like Maya Bazin (or Deepsikha, or whatever) don’t even tell their real names. Everybody knows, these girls can say anything that makes them special.

Their argument that, she might have learnt some Nepali words to prove herself Nepali in one of the videos, does make sense. I also share the belief:

One should be a fool to believe her and consider her an Indian or a Nepali without a much better proof!

It is not the originality of the girl a big issue. It is the journalist ethics. Journalists should publish articles that are beneficial for the people, country, and the society. They should be better judgmental on the impact on a general public by the news or article they publish.

I have a few question and arguments to tell that such news should at least be filtered by the such media houses.

What effect do these issues have on our teenagers girls?

Let me first analyze the interview of Smita Thapa:

  • Having multiple sex partners is normal. (Our role model actress says so!)
  • 16 years old is old enough (that is what Smita implies in her interview).
  • One should not commit to one person. Males should be changed often.
  • One don’t need to marry to have kids.

Do you want your little girls to take these lessons from your publication?

Now, I can’t think of anything good the front-page article about Maya Bazin would make, except sell a few more copies of Saptahik, the weekly magazine.

  • Does it imply, there is one Nepali girl and we need more of such girls ?
  • Does it mean, we should be making such movies in Nepal?
  • Is it telling our innocent girls that the it is an easy job? It doesn’t require any education, or any special skills, but it makes you popular. One might even be featured on the front-page of Kantipur! Hey, isn’t that good enough job ?

Correction: The title mentioned Sonia KC which was a mistake and unintentional. I apologize for the mistake and is now corrected.

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