Nepali Movie – Kusume Rumal 2 (2010)

The original KUSUME RUMAL (1985 version) was posted here.
Uddhav Poudyal presents,
Nepali film – Kusume Rumal – (Sequel 2)
This is the latest, much hyped remake of the hit movie of past, Kusume Rumal.
Starring – Ritu Bhattarai, Niraj Baral , Usha Rajak , Tripti Nadkar , Nir Shah , Laxmi Giri etc.
Director – Nirak Poudel

In this movie, Nirak Poudel, the son of the Uddav Poudel, the owner of Gopi Krishna Movies, has debuted as a director in Nepali film industry.

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Oli says – his PhD is not fake

CPN UML leader KP Oli told that the honorary PhD he received from a so-called-university is not fake and he is not willing to give it up.

After the news about the university being fake, most of the receivers of the honorary PhDs degree – Madan Krishna, Hari Bamsha and Kantipur’s Rameshowr Thapa have already given-up the degree with the exception for the two political leaders – KP Oli and Bijaya Kumar Gachhedar.

Nagarik reports that KP Oli, who is currently in the US, has told that he has studied the legal papers of the university and he is confident both the university and the degree he has received, are legal.