Shiva Linga – why worship the Shiva phallus?

It really has not been that long, when I came to know, we Hindu worship a Shiva’s Linga (Shiva Lingam); Lord Shiva in the form of a phallus (penis). But, this knowledge made my skin crawl shiver in sheer disgust.
One of my friends, who is devoted to Shiva, tried to make me understand her side of story, a good side to that story. But I was so disgusted; my mind refused to understand the good-good things she was telling me. My mind simply rejected to hear her version of the worship culture. I am a Hindu by birth but, I have lost the respect for the religion due to absurd things like worshiping the Shiva Linga. Going temple every morning to worship somebody’s phallus (who cares even if belongs to a god) is just too much in the name of Dharma. Give me a break. I am not that type.
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Bangladeshis working illegally in the Capital

Hundreds of Bangladeshis, who were brought in the capital by trafficking rackets to transit them to Gulf countries, are stranded in Kathmandu. They remained here in the capital after the racketeers abandoned them.
According to police report, over 400 Bangladeshis are involved illegally working in construction of apartments in order to survive in the Capital. Police also suspect that most of these illegal workers may have been trapped in the Capital without money to return home.
Sheikh Abdul Alim, 35 is believed to be the ringleader of Bangladesh-based racket that has been trafficking Bangladeshis laborers in the Capital. They are promised of employment opportunities in Arab countries and lucrative life.
Further investigation on the past records could reveal increasing number of Bangladeshis in the Capital in past few years. These racketeers are making Capital transit point to supply laborers to third countries.
The exact number of Bangladeshis immigrants in Nepal is not tracked according to The Department of Immigration.