22 Dhara-sculptures in Balaju Park, Kathmandu

When I was a little, we used to go to Balaju Water Garde park to bath. The Balaju Water Garden is known for its 22 stone waterspouts (hiti) carved in the shape of sea-dragons. The artistically designed traditional taps 22 Dhara (means 22 tap in Nepali) were fed by the Nagarjun Hill watershed, located in about five-kilometer northwest of Kathmandu City. But, due to urbanization and higher water demand in the valley, the taps are empty these days.

Now, these are only the beautiful sculptures – that are of no use.


The park also houses religious shrines, fishponds, and a replica of the statue of Budha
nilkantha. The swimming pool located inside the park is one of the few swimming public pools in Kathmandu.

Delhi Belly ban in Nepal and Aamir Khan’s reaction

Aamir Khan’s latest production, Delhi Belly, has been banned in Nepali theaters. Reportedly, the Censor Board of Nepal allowed the theater owners to screen the film after deleting and muting some scenes containing abusive scenes and offensive language. But, the theater owners were found screening the film without deleting the censored scenes. Therefore, the film has been banned and replaced with others movie, since Sunday.

Chetan Sapkota, a Censor Board member, as quoted in Republica, stated, "We issued the certificate on condition that more than five dialogues would be removed. But, we found that the movie was screened without removing them". The punishment for offenders, as per the country’s censorship laws is that, the film’s distributors can either be fined a sum of NRs 10,000 or can be imprisoned for a year or can be penalized with both. However, the theater owners told that they had complied with the order. They told, they need some time, especially for the digital format changes, they had to send the reel back to India.

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