Binita Baral attacked by the 'Full Stop' viewers

The lead actress of the Nepali movie ‘Full Stop’, Binita Baral was attacked by some of the viewers of the movie when she was visiting one of the theaters featuring her movie. Binita, featured as Prashu in the movie, is featured in negative role.


Binita went to watch the release on the first day with the lead actor Sabin Shrestha, director Kamal Krishna Poudel and the producers in Ganga Hall, Balaju. After the first show t
hey were very happy for the good response from the viewers.

After the show in Ganga, they went to the nearby cinema hall, Asta Narayan cinema hall. At that time, the viewers were getting out of the hall after watching the movie. Among the viewers 5-6 women got very excited on seeing ‘Prashu’ in front of them. They tried to beat her and one of them even tried to throw stone on her. One such an unexpected response of viewers, the producer Mohan Krishna Shrestha pulled Binita in his car and left.

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22 Dhara-sculptures in Balaju Park, Kathmandu

When I was a little, we used to go to Balaju Water Garde park to bath. The Balaju Water Garden is known for its 22 stone waterspouts (hiti) carved in the shape of sea-dragons. The artistically designed traditional taps 22 Dhara (means 22 tap in Nepali) were fed by the Nagarjun Hill watershed, located in about five-kilometer northwest of Kathmandu City. But, due to urbanization and higher water demand in the valley, the taps are empty these days.

Now, these are only the beautiful sculptures – that are of no use.

The park also houses religious shrines, fishponds, and a replica of the statue of Budha
nilkantha. The swimming pool located inside the park is one of the few swimming public pools in Kathmandu.

Gopal Bhutani is no longer with us

Gopal Bhutani, a fight director and actor of Nepali movie industry, has died 11:00 AM on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 at the age of 78. He was seriously ill for some time and when the condition deterized on Sunday, he was admitted to the Janamaitri Hospital in Balaju.

Bhutani doesn’t have any relatives, so the last rites will be done by fight director Rajendra Khadgi. Bhutani loved Rajendra Khadgi very much and used to call him son.

Bhutani, a Tamang by birth will be put to rest according to the Tamang ethnic rituals in Shyambhu.

Bhutani started his career in movie in the 1940s in Bombay, India. His first Nepali movie was "Manko Baadh" re
leased in BS 2032. Then he started as a fight director in "Jeevan Rekha".

Our condolence to the deceased soul. (Photo credit – nagariknews)