Namrata Shrestha seen with boyfriend in Adhakatti premier show ?

Actress Namrata Shrestha was seen with a guy named Dawa Sherpa in the premier show of ‘Adhakatti’. The premier show held on Monday at Kumari theater in Kathamndu on October 19 featured traditional panche baja and a score of artists and well known personality.

‘Adhakatti’ features Namrata Shrestha in cameo role and she has done an item dance on the song made on her own name. Although Namrata didn’t publicly told that Dawa Sherpa was her boyfriend, there were rumor that the guy is Namrata’s new boyfriend.

namrata shrestha adhakatti premier

Namrata’s Past Boyfriends

Initially Namrata was rumored to be seeing actor Raymon Das Shrestha. Their affair remained a mystery as neither of them confirmed it.

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Namrata Shrestha movie Soul Sister releasing on Jan 16

Actress Namrata Shrestha announced the release date of her debut movie has a producer ‘Soul Sister’ in a press meet organized on Monday. The press meet was special as her ex-lover was seen the the event and it is believed that the love affair has resumed after one year of break up. Namrata announced the release date of her production, ‘Soul Sister’ on the December 15 event. The movie is scheduled to release on January 16, 2015 (Magh 2).

The movie written and directed by Prasant Rasaili features Namrata Shrestha with actors like , Deepak Sharma, Rabina Deshraj and others. The movie was shot in Sikkim, India.

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Namrata Shrestha and Prem Ghale break up

In a latest news, the celebrity couple Namrata Shrestha and Prem Ghale are no longer seeing each other. In a report, it has been few months they have separated, probably at around Tihar festival.

Namrata was seen with Ghale in the premiers of ‘Mero Love Story’ and ‘Acharya’. We wrote about the rumor in October of 2011.

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Namrata Shrestha and Prem Ghale the love-birds in the town

Actress Namrata Shrestha had been seeing Prem Ghale for some time and now she has updated her relationship status in her Facebook profile reflecting their close relationship. This news however is not new. The affair about the two started in late 2010 and were seen for the first time together in the premier of the movie ‘Acharya’. After that, the couple are usually seen together and Namrata has also been posting their photos in her Facebook profile.

This year, on Valentine day, Namrata posted their photo in Facebook, confirming the intimate relationship.

It seems, the relationship has been pretty stable for a couple of years and it might be the life-long relationship.

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