Oleanna – a strong ‘split role’ play

A play on the issue of sexually harassing behaviors in schools, colleges and universities, Oleanna, was featured in Moksh Live, Jhamsikhel by One World Theatre in collaboration with Actors’ Studio. The first set of shows were featured on December 2, 3 and 4th and it will again be shown on 9-11 December. Based on the original play of playwright David Mamet, it is directed by Deborah Merola.


As we had told before, this is the debut play of actress Namrata Shrestha Continue reading

Namrata featured in wedding magazine cover

Wedding Bells, ‘Nepal’s first wedding magazine’ has featured actress Namrata Shrestha in its cover. Namrata looks great in the photos featured in the magazine. The cover indicates that, it will feature Namrata’s ‘bridal wish list’.

Marriage is an once in a lifetime event, in which people prefer to spend lavishly. So we can see a huge potential of such a magazine in Nepali market.




The magazine is produced by ECS Media and Kishor Kayastha.