Movie review – Nepali Movie ‘Saayad’

This is the post-release review of Nepali movie ‘Saayad’ released on May 11, 2012. Pre-release review of ‘Saayad’ was posted on May 9, 2012.

It was a bitter start – ‘Saayad’ was released on the ‘Nepal Bandha’ day. It is currently being screendd in various theaters inside Kathmandu valley and in a few parts outside Nepal. As already discussed on our pre-review review, ‘Saayad’ is a story about the youths of plus-two, their drug indulgence and how their life changed because of drugs. The movie directed by Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’ features Sunil Rawal, Samyam Puri, Wilson Bikram Rai, and Jharana Thapa in leading roles.



The movie ‘Saayad‘ is the story of two brothers Yodin (played by Samyam Puri) and Nirag (played by Sunil Rawal). After Yodin was born, their family had earned wealth and their life became more easier so Nirag considers Yodin a luck. Yodin’s crush, Sirish, was the sister of Nirag’s crush, Samridhi. Yodin’s best friend Ved (played by Wilson Bikram Rai) introduced Yodin to drugs. Yodin and Ved’s group started taking drugs because of the problems in the family and love lives.

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Scenes of 'The Last Kiss' scissored – still not suitable for younger audience

The censor board of Nepal was not happy with the content of a movie known for vulgar dialogue and excessive sex scenes. The Nepali movie, ‘The Last Kiss’, named after a 2006 Hollywood movie is told to be full of kiss scenes, bed scenes, and vulgar dialogues.

We have posted the censor certificate of the movie in our Nepali blog in which, the certificate mentions two ‘vulgar’ words to delete. It also mentions a ‘kiss scene to delete’ and a scene in which ‘a tent is shown
shaking’ is to be deleted as well.

Even after the deletion of these scenes, the movie is still not considered to be suitable for the 16 year-olds and youngers. The movie features Puskar Jung Thapa and Shovita Simkhada in leading roles.