Nepali Movie – Maun (pre-release review)

Nepali movie ‘Maun’ is released on October 26, 2013. Before we review the movie, we write about what the movie is all about and give the facts about the movie in these pre-release review.

The movie directed by Suraj Bhushal (an interview with Suraj Bhusal) features Arpan Thapa and Namrata Shrestha in leading roles. The movie features the cinematoraphy of Sanjay Lama, music direction of Sugam Pokhrel, Swopnil Sharma and Sanup Paudel, editing of Nimesh Shrestha, story and script of Arpan Thapa.

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Maun is a simple suspense love story – Suraj Bhusal

Nepali movie ‘Maun’ has released in theater today. Here is the summary of an interview with the director of the movie, Suraj Bhusal, conducted by our representative, Raunak Niraula, yesterday.

Tell us something about your movie ‘Maun’?

– ‘Maun’ is a suspense love story of two deaf people. ‘Maun’ explores the colorful life of deaf people and their love chemistry in the suspense story.

How was the concept of ‘Maun’ conceived?

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