Jenisha KC back from UK after the shooting of Adhi Bato

In the past, actress Jenisha KC got a lot of movie when actor Biraj Bhatt recommended her in the movies he did at the time. After he left the Nepali movie industry to make it big in Bhojpuri movies, the movies Jenisha got reduced in number. Although Jenisha doesn’t do as many movies, she has been travelling foreign countries to participate in various events.

Jenisha has recently returned back from the UK after the completion of the shooting of ‘Adhi Bato’ of NRN producer of Luxemburg, Ramesh Twayna.

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Mokshya charity show held, positive responses from viewers

The charity show of the upcoming movie ‘Mokshya’ was held at 8 AM at QFX Jai Nepal on January 23, 2014. The movie made on a musical journey of a musical band is told to be based on a true story. According to the viewers of the charity show, the movie is has been a good presentation. Actress Nisha Adhikari who watched the movie said, “I felt proud to belong to an industry which can bring forth such products amidst all the adversities.” Nisha added, she felt proud to be associated with the movie.  Continue reading