Nir Shah to make a movie and a television serial on Seto Bagh

Based on one of the most successful historical novel by Diamond Shumsher Rana, ‘Seto Bagh’, Nir Shah is planning to make a movie and a television serial. On the occasion of Shree Panchami, Nir Shah organized a program to announce the movie and the megha-serial. The shooting of the serial is expected to start in a couple of weeks.

seto bagh -- nir shah

The television serial will be spanned in 91 parts and the movie will be of length 2.5 hours. The shooting of both the serial and the movie will start at the same time. In the program Nir Shah told that he will make the serial and the movie the photocopy of the novel. In the movie, he will also present the last 30 days of the Rana prime minister Jung Bahadur Rana.

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Namrata Shrestha to be featured in an item dance in Adhakatti

In the debut movie of journalist Subrat Acharya as a director – ‘Adhakatti’, an item dance is made on the name of actress Namrata Shrestha. Subrat approached Namrata to dance on the song, ‘Kya Kamal, Babal Chau Namrata …’ and she agreed.

namrata shrestha

This will be the first time Namarata will dance in any item dance. In the movie, Namrata will appear in a character of a film actress. The lyrics written by Ranjit Acharya has music of Rajan Ishan. The voices are given by Yuvraj Chaulagai, Nisha Desar and Rajan Ishan.

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