Three Nepali movies – Mokshya, Jhola and Mutu releasing on Friday

Three Nepali movies ‘Mokshya’, ‘Jhola’ and ‘Mutu’ are releasing in theaters on Friday, February 7.

Musical dram and biopic ‘Mokshya’ is considered to be one of the best movies of the year based on the review of the preview shows. The movie made on a real story of a musical band is also a story of the director Prabin Shrestha himself. The movie produced by Sunil Manandhar features Koshis Chhetri and Benisha Hamal in lead roles.

mokshya poster (2)

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Samjhana to bring Rekha Thapa and Namrata Shrestha together, in a movie

In Nepali film industry, actress Rekha Thapa and Namrata Shrestha are known not to like each other. If a latest report is true, they seem to have sorted out the issues and are willing to work together in an upcoming project. The company that produced upcoming movie ‘Megha’, Sawasta Entertainment, is planning to feature Rekha, Namrata and Manisha’s brother Siddhartha Koirala in an unnamed movie.

We reported about the new development in easing the relationship between the two actress during Tihar celebration at Karishma Manandhar‘s house. Rekha and Namrata were seen together with Samjhana Upreti Rauniar, lighting fire crackers.

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