Mithila Sharma got married in court (photos)

UPDATE: more photos and a photo slideshow video are added. It turned out, the engagement ceremony was in-fact marriage ceremony itself. The marriage was held in a room and the house wasn’t decorated from the outside. There was a family gathering in the evening. Mithila and Motilal also cut a wedding cake and fed each other during the ceremony. This was one of the many celebrity marriages of 2014.

Marriage photos slideshow video:

Actress Mithila Sharma has finally married the former IGP Motilal Bohara. In an event held today, the new married couple also got the marriage certificate from the court.

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Rajesh Hamal chartered a helicopter to participate in his hair dresser’s marriage

On the marriage of his hair dresser Surendra Thakur, actor chartered a helicopter to his remote village in Sarlahi. The marriage held on Ashad 20 became special when the superstar of the Nepali film industry arrived in a helicopter.

Rajesh Hamal helicoptor charter  surendra thakur marriage sarlahi

Thakur and the villagers were very happy to see the superstar in the village. Rajesh offered a garland and congratulated the groom and the bride. A huge crowd was gathered to see the superstar and the helicopter.

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