Mithila Sharma got married in court (photos)

UPDATE: more photos and a photo slideshow video are added. It turned out, the engagement ceremony was in-fact marriage ceremony itself. The marriage was held in a room and the house wasn’t decorated from the outside. There was a family gathering in the evening. Mithila and Motilal also cut a wedding cake and fed each other during the ceremony. This was one of the many celebrity marriages of 2014.

Marriage photos slideshow video:

Actress Mithila Sharma has finally married the former IGP Motilal Bohara. In an event held today, the new married couple also got the marriage certificate from the court.

Although married in the court, the formal marriage event date is yet to be announced. They got engaged in a family gathering on Saturday, June 5, 2014.

mithila sharma and motilal bohora gettingmarried

Actress Mithila is over 50 years and Motilal is 74 years old.

Mithila and Motilal had been seeing each other for a long time. After the death of Motilal’s wife, they had planned to get married this year.

The following photo of Mithila and Motilal showing the marriage certificate is not dated and it is assumed that it was taken on Friday, July 4.

Photos of Motilal and Mithila after the engagement marriage ceremony.

Photo credit – Sunil Shrestha and others in Facebook.

A video profile of Mithila Sharma and Motilal Bohara:

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