Birthday present of Chhabi to Shilpa Pokharel, leading role in Kismat 2

Hawaldar Suntali music released on Shilpa’s birthday. Video news report :

On the occasion of actress Shilpa Pokharel, the producer Chhabi Raj Ojha organized an event to release the song of his upcoming movie ‘Hawaldar Suntali’. Chhabi had invited a lot of film artists and journalists in the event to share the music of his upcoming movie.


After cake cutting for Shilpa’s birthday, the actress of the upcoming movie ‘Kismat 2’ by director Shyam Bhattarai was also announced. Chhabi’s birthday day gift to the actress was the leading actress role to the actress in the upcoming movie.

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Nepali Movie – Saurya

Nepali Film – Saurya – Rise of Hero
Starring, Saugat Malla, Hema Shrestha, Anup Bikram Shahi, Ravi Basnet, Puskar Bhatt etc.
Director – Markanday Dipbim Basnet

The action movie by Hakim Entertaimnet, ‘Saurya’ with sub-title Rise of Hero is a 2.5 hours long movie. The movie features the screenplay of Subash Singh Basnet / Markanday Dipbim Basnet, cinematography of Rameshowr Karki, Editing of Chandra Dutta / Bishal Koirala, action of Shankar Maharjan and produced by Surendra Gurung ‘Hakim’. The movie is the debut movie of Hema Shrestha (Hema Shrestha profile in NepaliActress) and Anup Bikram Shahi.

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Nepali Docudrama – Juneli (with English sub-title)

Nepali Film – Juneli
Starring – Amrita Thapaliya, Madhav Dulal, Madhav Timilsina, Rashmi Bhatta, Deshbhakta Khanal, Kabindra Man Pradhan etc.
Director – Sagar Lamichhane

‘Juneli’ is a Nepali Documentary Drama, based on a real story on epilepsy. The film is produced by Nepal Epilepsy Association (NEA) and made on the concept of Dr. Hemav Rajbhandari. Purushottam Pradhan is the cinematographer and the director Sagar Lamichhane is also the writer of the docudrama.

Epilepsy (Chhare Rog) is a chronic disease manifested as multiple seizure attacks resulting from excessive electrical discharges in the neurons of brain. The excessive discharge or excitation may remain in a small area of the brain. The film is a very heart touching and educative film and it also contain English sub-title for those who don’t understand Nepali language.

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