Tathastu promotion and Rekha Thapa, has she invested in the film?

Actress Rekha Thapa is totally biased during the promotion of the movie based on the film production house. She gives all of her in her home production movies and ignores the films produced by others. There are a lot of examples of failure of the movies when Rekha ignored the promotion of the movie. The last example was ‘Damdar’ (watch ‘Damdar’) for which we wrote about the lack of enthusiasm of Rekha in the promotion of the film. She didn’t even show up in the press meet organized by the film makers.

rekha thapa tathstu look (1)

But, in the case of ‘Tathastu’, she has changed her attitude and has been promoting the movie in her Facebook page, in every interviews and she is even promoting the film in television shows. Now the question arises, what made Rekha to give herself in the promotion of the movie produced by somebody other than herself.

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