Not-much-Damdar, the promotion of Rekha Thapa movie

The promotion of Rekha Thapa‘s upcoming movie ‘Damdar’, releasing on this Friday is nothing like the name. Although the producer Suman Bista and the director Kamal Krishna are promoting the movie according to their might, the lead actor Sabin Shrestha and actress Rekha Thapa aren’t seen doing their part.

damdar poster

Sabin says that he is promoting the movie on his own but, the film production team hasn’t contacted him for the promotion. Rekha Thapa is also busy promoting her own movie ‘Himmatwali’, scheduled to release after 6 months.

At the time of the shooting, Rekha Thapa was told to be featured in guest role. Now, she is featured as the central character in the promotion material. There is high chance that the poster are designed to attract Rekha’s fans but, she doesn’t have much role in the movie. And, that might be the reason Rekha is not participating in the promotion of the movie. Rekha was also absent in the press meet organized last month (on March 30).

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