Namrata Shrestha distributes relief materials in Kalthari

With earthquake relief materials, relief volunteer team of actress Namrata Shrestha has reached a place called Kalthari, a few hours from Barhabise.

An interview of a local about the situation by Namrata Shrestha herself:

The road to the place was blocked by the landslide caused by earthquake. Reaching the place was a tough task but the team reached there and also managed to provide medical assistance. The locals in the area had complained that no government officials of anybody else had reached the place in a week of the earthquake.

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No shooting and screening of Nepali movies for a fortnight

Film Development Board (FDB) has decided to halt all the shooting and screening of Nepali movies for 15 days in the wake of Earthquake of April 25. The decision was made in a meeting held in Kathmandu on April 30. In the press release, there is no indication of when the 15-days count starts. The meeting was held in the coordination of FDB member Suresh Darpan Pokharel.

fdb meeting post earthquake 2015

FDB has also formed a working committee in the coordination of Pokharel to volunteer in social awareness and distribution of basic needs to the victims. The program is being organized in co-ordination with the Health Ministry and World Health Organization (WHO). We had written the details of the preparation for the volunteer work previously.

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Rekha Thapa helped earthquake victims

Like other film artists, actress Rekha Thapa has also been actively helping earthquake victims by distributing things of necessity during the crisis. She has visited the camps and met the people and helped in whatever way she can. Rekha and ‘Bhimdatta’ director, Himgyap Lama ‘Tasi’ have been together since the earthquake and have been supporting the victims.

A video report:

Rekha and Himgyap distributed masks to the people to keep themselves safe in the event some epidemics. They have also helped the people by paying cremation fees for the people who can’t pay for it and to those who don’t have any relatives.

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