Anmol KC bodyguard stunt and Dreams popularity

The movie released this Friday, ‘Dreams’ received a flock of viewers in it’s initial days. The crowd had been the result of the craze of the actor Anmol KC and the popularity of his father Bhuwan KC, who had debuted as a director in the movie. The movie released on the same day, ‘Fulai Fulko Mausam Timilai’ (FFMT) fell into the shadow of the popularity of ‘Dreams’. In latest reports, FFMT is recovering with positive feedbacks in later days.

Anmol KC’s visit to the theaters on Saturday also made news when he was escorted by his four private bodyguards and police officers. Although foreign artists are usually seen with bodyguards by their sides, the seen was new in the Nepali film industry. Watch the video report about Anmol’s visit to Gopi Krishna and Asta Narayan Cinema in Kathmandu:

Similar crowd was seen when Nikhil Upreti visited theaters during ‘Bhairav’ release. Nikhil however didn’t have any bodyguards by his side.

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Hero Returns – Sabin Shrestha to produce an action flick

The movie sounding like Chhabi Raj Ojha‘s hit movie ‘Hero’, titled ‘Hero Returns’ is not a Chhabi Ojha movie. The movie is the debut production of the actor who debuted in Chhabi’s banner – Sabin Shrestha.

Video report:

In the Nepali film industry, almost every well known actors have produced movies. Most of those actors’ desire to become film maker have failed. When we remember the actors who could become successful producers include Bhuwan KC, Ashok Sharma and Shree Krishna Shrestha. Two actresses – Rekha Thapa and Jharana Thapa can also be included in the list, but their success is largely attributed to their husband (ex- in case of Rekha).

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