It was not only Sanchita Luitel, Nikhil Upreti had affair with Sajja Mainali and Shweta Tiwari

In an interview, actor Nikhil Upreti, has told that it was not only Sanchita Luitel he had affair with. Nikhil’s first marriage with Kopila Upreti was also a love marriage. After that he had affairs with different actresses. With Sanchita, he couldn’t leave her and married. In addition to talking about his affair, Nikhil has also talked about his relationship with actress Rekha Thapa. Watch a video report on the issue before continuing about the details on the affairs.

He revealed that the rumour of affair between Nikhil and Sajja Mainali was in news. Now, Sajja is married and living with her family in the USA. Actress Sajja, the daughter of the comedy actor Gopal Raj Mainali, had married Omraj Bhattarai in 2006 (details in
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Nepali Movie – Lakshya

lakshya-nepali-movie-nameNepali Movie – Lakshya
StarringSabin Shrestha, Anu Shah, Sarika KC, Sunil Thapa, Rabi Giri, Milan Ale Magar etc.
Director – Milan Ale Magar

About ‘Lakshya’

An action movie, ‘Lakshya’ is a presentation of Om Kiran Films. The movie featuring the music of Arjun Pokharel and Tanka Budhathoki features the background music of Ramji Lamichhane. Ramji is also the choreographer of the movie. The cinematographer is Suman Kumar Tandukar, action by Himal KC, script writer is Sushil Pangani and editing by Banish Shah and Milan Shrestha.

The movie ‘Lakshya’ was released in March of 2016. There is another Nepali movie titled ‘Lakshya’ featuring Uttam Pradhan and Manoj RC (Watch ‘Lakshya’ of Uttam Pradhan here)

Watch ‘Lakshya’ in full:
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