Saptahik’s Top 10 Movies of the year 2073

The list of Top 10 movies published in Saptahik weekly sound like a joke. Out of 85 movies released in the year 2073, there weren’t enough hit movies to fill the list. The weekly has dumped movie names despite the failure of the movies to win the hearts of the viewers. According to the report only six movies had made profit in the year. Four more movies could do a breakeven business.

After reviewing the list, I think the list could have been titled ‘Top 5 Movies of the year’. When there aren’t enough movies, they shouldn’t have created the list and fill it with unsuccessful movies. Let me review each movies in the list.

The first in the list ‘Chhakka Panja’ is a truly successful movie of the year. It did make record breaking business. So, first position of the movie makes sense. You can watch ‘Chhakka Panja’ here.

The second in the list is ‘Loot 2’. The sequel of the previous superhit movie ‘Loot’ also did a good business although many found it less fulfilling than the original movies. After ‘Chhakka Panja’, ‘Loot 2’ was made good impression to the viewers. (Watch the original ‘Loot’ here)
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Paras and Himani talked, relationship – unsure!

The relationship between ex-prince Paras Shah and ex-princess has been going through a rough road for the last few years. Paras and Himani are living separately since Paras’ return from Thailand two years ago. It is not only the relationship with his wife, his relationship with his parents is not good either.

They only meet in special functions and they don’t seem to talk to each others. But, that changed in the party organized to celebrate the Bratabandha of Paras’s son, Hridayendra Shah at Soltae Hotel. The party with invitation to guest exceeding 3,000 was huge and included high level personality in the country. Although the Prime Minister was not seen in the party, the president and other high level official were present.

Hridayendra’s parents Paras and Himani were seen together in the party. They also talked briefly but the way they talked wasn’t that cordial. Paras seem relaxed and comfortable talking to Himani but Himani seem tensed and more focused to the guests than Paras. When Himani smiled at the end of the conversation, Paras didn’t look happy.

Watch the video report:

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