Call girls in Pokhara – Hotel Girls (Part 4)

This is the fourth part of a series about callgirls in Pokhara.

Each of these professional are being discussed in details in this series. Some of the professionals in Pokhara are employed in hotels. They work in reception, restaurants and other area of the business. Going out with the clients is a part-time business for them. As, their living cost is usually higher than what is being paid at the hotel, they are forced to work as a prostitute.

The hotel girls consider themselves of higher standard than those found in restaurants. They usually operate in Lakeside area. They are well dressed, well behaved and are always having fun. That is because, their clients are found in such area. These girls usually operate so secretly that their friends might not even get the clue of their real profession.

Where do hotel girls come from?

These girls are usually from out of Pokkhara and live with their family friends. They have their own friend circle and are not keen to make a lot of new friends. Even though economic status of the family of most of these girls are not good, they try to show off by wearing good attire and visiting expensive places.
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10 years of love, Dibyata Vaidya marries Ayush Shrestha

Miss Nepal Earth 2015 has become second title holder of Miss Nepal 2015 to get married. Last year, Miss Nepal World 2015, Evana Manandhar got married and this year the runner up has married her long-time boyfriend. May be, it will be the turn of the wedding bells of the second runner up, Medha Koirala next year.

Video report:

Dibyata had been dating Ayush Shrestha for the last 9 years. They had been going steady while Ayush was in UK for his studies. He returned back to Nepal after completion of his studies in 2013. In that time Dibyata was doing her business studies and she was also modelling. After completion of her bachelor’s degree, Dibyata competed in Miss Nepal contest of 2015. She won the Miss Nepal Earth title and represented Nepal in Miss Earth 2015. Both Ayush and Dibyata being business studies graduates, they are mostly busy in business than entertainment field.

Ayush had proposed Dibyata during their foreign tour in 2017 and Dibyata said ‘yes’ to his proposal. They waited about a year for the actual marriage. The marriage ceremony started on April 12 and the final day of marriage was April 20. In the marriage ceremony the friends and relatives of the bride and groom were invited.

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