Call girls in Pokhara – Hotel Girls (Part 4)

This is the fourth part of a series about callgirls in Pokhara.

Each of these professional are being discussed in details in this series. Some of the professionals in Pokhara are employed in hotels. They work in reception, restaurants and other area of the business. Going out with the clients is a part-time business for them. As, their living cost is usually higher than what is being paid at the hotel, they are forced to work as a prostitute.

The hotel girls consider themselves of higher standard than those found in restaurants. They usually operate in Lakeside area. They are well dressed, well behaved and are always having fun. That is because, their clients are found in such area. These girls usually operate so secretly that their friends might not even get the clue of their real profession.

Where do hotel girls come from?

These girls are usually from out of Pokkhara and live with their family friends. They have their own friend circle and are not keen to make a lot of new friends. Even though economic status of the family of most of these girls are not good, they try to show off by wearing good attire and visiting expensive places.

They usually work in night duty. That is the best time for their profession and for the society. That is because, the family and the society they live in don’t have a clue of what they do for living. Some rent expensive flats and appear in expensive getup. One of the clients of such girls told the reporter, “The rent of their flat is higher than what they earn in the hotels. And, they are the sole bread earner in their family.”

Looking for long-term-relationship

Usually they are not educated. Although they can speak a little of English and have better dress sense when compared to others, school and university are not their cup of cake. They are busy in restaurant, bars and discotheques mingling with foreigners and businessmen. They usually prefere their clients according to the colors of their skin. South Asian, usually Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Nepali usually don’t fall under their radar.

Most of them believe they are temporarily in the profession. So, they are in search of a long-term-releationship. Some also go into a live in relationship if the income is sustainable. In other words, they are in a constant look up for a long-term relationship with a rich and capable client.

The rate they charge is not consistent among the them. If they find a possibility of a long-term-releationship, they might go cheap of even free of cost. They usually evaluate the spending capacity of the client before deciding on the rate. The rate in excess of Rs. 10,000 is not rare.

(This is the fourth part of a series about callgirls in Pokhara. The next part will be about celebrity girls in Pokhara. Stay tuned. Information credit – Samadhannews based on a report by Arjun Giri. Photo credit – Pari Tamang,

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