5 Producer Actor / Actresses, Who are also successful film directors

A lot of Nepali actors and actresses have produced Nepali movies. Some of them are successful and others are failure. I have listed five such actors who have also directed movies, successfully. Video report of the successful producer/directors who started as actors:

The artists who are successful producers mentioned in the video are:

  • Rekha Thapa
  • Jharana Thapa
  • Deepa Shree Niraula
  • Bhuwan KC
  • Nikhil Upreti

The list should also have included Nischal Basnet. Nischal started as a film director of ‘Loot’. He acted in movies and was liked by the viewers. He also worked as a playback singer of a few songs in movies. Basnet is truly a multi-talented personality in the Nepali film industry. Basnet’s wife Swastima Khadka is also one of the most popular actress in the film industry. The success of the song ‘Supari Daana…’ song from the film ‘2 Rupiya’ has elevated the popularity of the couple.

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In the past, I had prepared a video to discuss 8 different actresses who had produced movies in the Nepali film industry. After I made the video other actresses have also entered film production business. Additional actresses whose films are yet to release are:

  • Nisha Adhikari – Jhyanakuti
  • Shilpa Pokharel – Mangalam
  • Keki Adhikari – Kohalpur Express
  • Aashishma Nakarmi – Lakhe Bhaju

The actress whose production debut were failure (not included in the following video):

  • Richa Sharma – Aadha Love
  • Aashika Tamang – Sushree

The movies of Poojana Pradhan, ‘Chocolate’ and Karishma Manandhar’s movie ‘Fagu’, mentioned in the video failed to impress the viewers.

The following video discusses about 8 actresses who turned producers:

The actresses included in the video are:

  • Rekha Thapa
  • Karishma Manandhar
  • Jharana Thapa
  • Suvekshya Thapa
  • Poojana Pradhan (Chocolate)
  • Richa Ghimire (Biratako Chino, Tulasi)
  • Uma Baby (Shisha and others)
  • Rejina Upreti (Bardaan)
  • Ashika Tamang (Sushri)
  • Mausami Malla (Samaya)
  • Jenny Kunwar (Ghayal)
  • Namrata Shrestha (Soul Sister)
  • Sushmita KC (Ma Ta Timrai Hoon)

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