Top 5 Actresses who are also producers

The first female producer of Nepali movie is Manju Rana, the producer of the Nepali movie ‘Juni’. After Manju the professional female producer of Nepali movie is Sumitra Poudel. Producer Malati Rai produced the super-hit Nepali movie ‘Saino’. These producers were not actresses. In later days, actresses had entered film production business with mixed result.

At this time, at least 5 movies produced by actresses are recently released or waiting to release in near future.  Actress Poojana Pradhan‘s debut production movie ‘Chocolete’ is releasing on December 4, 2015. Similarly, actress Karishma Manandhar‘s production ‘Falgu’ is releasing on February 17, 2016 and actress Rekha Thapa‘s production movie ‘Rampyari’ is scheduled to release on April 8, 2016. Another actress, Suvekshya Thapa‘s home co-production movie ‘Bindaas 3’ is also ready for release. Actress Ashika Tamang‘s debut movie both as an actress and as a producer was released on October 23.

Let’s analyze 1 dozen actresses who turned into producers in Nepali film industry.

(Video summary of producer actresses:)

Rekha Thapa

Rekha’s ex-husband had registered Rekha Films after her and produced some successful movies under the banner. When Rekha and Chhabi divorced Rekha took the production with her. Chhabi had registered Chhabiraj Films banner to produce his later films. Rekha Films and Chhabiraj Films jointly produced ‘Hamesha’ before parting their ways in their next movies. The success of Rekha’s own production ‘Kali’ and ‘Himmatwali’ were after parting from Chhabi has proved Rekha a successful film producer.

All the movies produced and released under Rekha Films are available in xnepali:

Jharana Thapa

Like Rekha, actress Jharana Thapa‘s husband is also a well known movie producer. Jharana’s husband Sunil Kumar Thapa is often credited for the success of Jharana as an actress.  Jharana’s first production movie ‘Djharma Sankat’ was very successful and it led to other successful movies like ‘Gorkhali’ and ‘Ae Mero Hajur’. Jharana’s last movie ‘Facebook’ was relatively not that successful when compared to her other movies.

Karishma Manandhar

Actress Karishma Manandhar is also married to the film producer and businessman Binod Manandhar. Karishma produced ‘Dhuk Dhuki’ and ‘Babu Shaheb’. The failure of the big budget movie ‘Babu Shaheb’ was shocking to Karishma. She left Nepal and lived in the USA for years. Karishma returned back to Nepal after struggling in the USA. Now, after about 14 years, Karishma has produced a new movie ‘Falgu’. The movie featuring Shilpa Pokharel, Rajesh Hamal etc. is releasing in 2016.

Richa Ghimire

Actress Richa Ghimire started producing movies after marrying director Shankar Ghimire. The couple produced movies like ‘Biratako Chino’ and ‘Brakefail’. Currently Richa and Shankar are living in the USA. It is rumored that Richa has relocated to the USA because of her failure as a film producer. Her last production, ‘Tulasi’ is not released yet.

Suvekshya Thapa

Actress Suvekshya Thapa is also a well known producer in Nepali film industry. Suvekshya is in family relation with another producer/actress Jharana Thapa. Although Suvekshya has produced many movies, none were that much successful.

Those were top 5 actresses who have produced more than a couple of movies in Nepali film industry. There are a lot of other actresses who have produced one or two movies so far.

Uma Baby (Uma Giri) – Actress from India, Uma Baby was introduced in Nepali film industry by Tulsi Ghimire. Uma has produced movies like ‘Sheesha’. The movie released earlier this year wasn’t successful.

Rejina Upreti – Actress Rejina Upreti tried her luck in film production by co-producing Nepali movie ‘Baradaan’. The failure of the movie had caused problems to Rejina. She also got married to a UK NRN. Rejina has stopped appearing in movies after the failure of ‘Bardaan.

Ashika Tamang – Model and actress Ashika Tamang debuted as a producer and as an actress in her recent release movie ‘Sushree’. The movie featuring Aryan Sigdel and Surabina Karki wasn’t successful.

Namrata Shrestha – This year, actress Namrata Shrestha also debuted as  a producer. Namrata’s first production movie ‘Soul Sister’ was a flop movie. Namrata was optimistic, ‘It was a learning experience.”

Sushmita KC – The ex-wife of actor Bhuwan KC, Sushmita has also announced her debut movie as a producer. Sushmita KC has registered a company under her son, Anmol KC‘s name and is producing a movie titled ‘Ma Ta Timrai Hoon’.  Sushmita was also named the producer of some of the movies Bhuwan KC had produced.

Jenny Kunwar – Actress Jenny Kunwar had also produced Nepali movie without much success.

Mausami Malla – Actress Mausami Malla also debuted as a producer of her movie ‘Samaya’. Mausam also debuted her son, Vicky Malla in the movie. The movie wasn’t much successful.

The following photo shows three producers :  Rejina Uperti, Karishma Manandhar and Rekha Thapa (Left to Right) taken during the celebration of Teej in 2015.

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