Anmol KC & Suhana Thapa romance in A Mero Hajur 3 (Trailer)

The trailer of ‘A Mero Hajur 3’ has been released a day after the announcement of the trailer was made on March 27. The trailer was finally released on March 28 – the reason being ‘technical problems’.

In the announcement ceremony the the actress turned director Jharana Thapa told that she has given her daughter to the film industry. She had also claimed that everybody would like the acting of her daughter. Jharana is introducing her daughter in the sequel of successful franchise, ‘A Mero Hajur’. In the first movie Jharana was the lead actress and her daughter Suhana was featured as a child actress in the film.

In the second sequel, Samragyee RL Shah was featured in leading role and it was the first film directed by Jharana Thapa. The success of the film helped Suhana’s parents to introduce their daughter in the third sequel. The movie is produced and directed by the family. Anmol KC was signed in in the highest ever price for an actor in the film industry – Rs. 30 lakh. With Anmol and Suhana, the film also features Salon Basnet, Arpan Thapa etc.

In the movie, Anmol KC is featured in a double role. In one role, he is a young music star. In another, he is featured in a normal guy role. Suhana is featured as a fan of the musical star. The movie is about the relationship of a star and a fan.

The trailer

The movie directed by Jharana Thapa is presented by Suhana Thapa banner. The producer is Suhana’s father Sunil Kumar Thapa. The cinematographer is Sanjaya Lama.

Watch ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ here

Watch ‘A Mero Hajur’ here

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