Anmol KC Kri looks unveiled. Anmol says it is Aditi Budhathoki birthday present

On the birthday of the actress of the movie ‘Kri’, Aditi Budhathoki, the first look poster of the movie was released. In both the posters released on Wednesday only Anmol KC is shown. The movie marks the most hyped but, most secret film project in the Nepali film industry. The ‘Kri’ team had created a special aura of publicity from the start of the movie.

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Publicity stunt of ‘Kri’

  • Unlike other movies, Kri team didn’t organize any announcement ceremonies or press events. There was no inauguration press event. The movie has got more press coverage than those who organize various press events to promote their movies.
  • The film team announced that Anmol KC was signed in the movie for a huge sum of Rs. 2 millions. That was a huge sum of money to an artist in Nepali film industry. But, as Anmol’s father, Bhuwan KC was one of the producers, many didn’t believe in the announcement. That added to the buzz and received more publicity.
  • The film team also announced  a call for an actress in the movie.
  • The movie got more publicity when Aditi Budhathoki was selected to be featured opposite to Anmol. Aditi is a well known model with a huge fan following in social media.
  • The fact that Anmol was locked up in the movie for more than a year was another factor that added to the popularity of the movie. Because of the agreement with ‘Kri’ team Anmol KC had to leave ‘Gangster Blues’. The Anna Sharma starrer move by Hemraj BC signed in Ashirman Desraj Joshi to lead in place of Anmol.
  • Anmol also kept himself from the media for more than a year. In that time, he wasn’ t seen in public places except for a few times. (list of times he was seen in public are listed below)
  • When the shooting of the movie started, the film team hired four bodyguards for Anmol KC. They were hired to make sure that no photos of the shooting were leaked. That also created buzz in the media.
  • Now, the teaser poster also teases the viewers to create the curiosity.

The only times Anmol’s photos were released during his hiding in preparation of the movie were:

  • During the Bratabandha of Salon Basnet
  • During the inauguration of Being Human store
  • A Holi photo with one of his fanc
  • A few photos Mahadev Tripathi took at Bhuwan KC’s home.

Teaser posters

The teaser posters feature Anmol KC in angry looks. In one poster Anmol is seen carrying a hammer and walking on a road. In another, he is featured in full action. In the poster, it is clear that Anmol grown long hair and has transformed his body. There are no other artists featured in the poster. Although the poster was released on the birthday of the actress Aditi Budhathoki, there is no mention of the actress in the poster. Aditi has shared a photo of birthday celebration at the shooting set but, it is very unclear photo. Unlike other films, that make such birthday celebration a publicity stunt, Aditi’s birthday celebration was kept within closed doors.

Aditi had also shared the poster of the movie in her instagram. In the poster, Anmol had commented “This be the birthday gift from my side to the birthday girl.” (see the screenshot below.)

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