Anmol KC upcoming film Captain first look poster says – Match beginning soon

Actor Anmol KC’s much awaited film ‘Captain’ poster says that the match is beginning soon. There is no indication how soon the match begins. The movie features Anmol as a football player. Popular as a lover-boy characters in films, Anmol has been trying to change his image for the last few films.

In the first four films, Anmol was featured in youth love story films. The fifth film was a bit different – featuring his action avatar. For the movie he had prepared himself by pumping his muscles. He had also changed his physical features to suit in the role. Although the film ‘Kri’ got a huge hype, the box-office collection wasn’t as great as expected. That didn’t make the film unsuccessful. So far, all of his films have been successful and have recovered their investment and made profits.

Now, in his sixth film, Anmol is changing himself into a football player. That is a challenging role for which he had been preparing himself for a while. He had trained under professional players to look natural.

The first look poster shows Anmol as a player and it is an indication that the movie is a full sports-oriented film. The movie directed by Diwakar Bhattarai is produced by Anmol’s father, Bhuwan KC. Actresses Upasana Singh Thakuri and Priyanka MV are being featured opposite to Anmol KC in the movie. Other actors include Sunil Thapa, Saroj Khanal, Wilson Bikram Rai and Prasant Tamrakar.

The story and the script of the movie is also written by the director Bhattarai. Diwakar Bhattarai had previously directed a hit film ‘Aishwarya’ and had worked as an assistant director to Bhuwan’s directorial debut film ‘Dreams’.

The movie is set in an East Nepal village where a talented football player youth struggles to be on the top. Based on Anmol KC’s reputation, it would not be a surprise if the film becomes a superhit film. As a producer, Bhuwan KC, is also known to make films that appeal to the majority of the viewers.

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