ATM ban lifted in court ruling, releasing on July 26

The movie ‘ATM’ (Any Time Masti), banned after it’s second show in theater has been cleared for screening after a court ruling.

atm poster

The censor board had asked the film makers to remove some scenes before it was suitable for screening in theater. The board banned the movie when it found that the film makers didn’t comply with the decision of the board and didn’t remove some of the objected scenes while screening the movie in theater.

The producer of ‘ATM‘ decided to go to the court when the Board banned the movie from the theaters. Now, the court has ordered the Censor Board to let the movie run in theater. The court has also ruled the the scenes don’t need to be removed from the movie. In the court, the producer Dinesh Thapa admitted of making a vulgar movie at first but, later he reshot the movie to make it decent enough for public release.

Victorious Dinesh Thapa has announced the release of the movie on Shrawan 11 (July 26). The film unit has produced a new trailer and promotion materials to start the promotion of the movie in new way.

‘ATM’ features Dinesh Thapa, Jiya KC, Sonia Sharma and Sabina Karki in main roles and the movie is directed by Yadav Silwal.

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